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  • Scrub brush and steel wool pads 

  • Drying rack 

  • Cleaned twice regularly

  • Dish washing hours 8:00 AM - 8:00PM 


  • Hot shower 

  • Large shower stall for family clean-up

  • Cleaned regularly

  • Warm and well lit

After a long day exploring it's nice to refresh with a good shower. You’ll find our bathrooms clean warm and well lit. You may notice little extras like fresh flowers, and oversized stalls for family clean-up, the bathroom is centrally located and sure to be a well visited destination during your stay. We will be building a dog wash during the summer of 2020, cuz every pooch deserves a shiny coat. 


Is there a charge for the showers?

There is a small charge for the showers, but its certainly worth it. Your shower water goes straight into a septic holding tank since we do not have access to a city sewer. We need to have these tanks pumped out regularly and the small cost for your shower helps us pay for the pumper. Please be respectful of others waiting to shower and please remind your children not to play in or around the bathroom.

How much privacy can I expect?

Our shower and toilet rooms are separate and private. No need to share the space with anyone - No one will see you in your birthday suit. 

Can I use my own shampoo and soap?

We provide biodegradable soap for your use - it's better for our septic system too, but we understand you might have your own favorite suds, so soap up and enjoy your own bubbles.  

Can I wash my dog in the shower?

Our showers are only for people, so we ask that you please do not wash or rinse your dog in our showers. We plan to build a dog wash before the end of the summer.

Can I clean fish in the dish washing sink?

We do not allow the cleaning of fish in our dish washing sink nor do we allow the washing of clothes in the sink. The sink is only to be used for washing up your dishes. Please do not allow children to play in the sink. 

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