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Th-Sa 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

  • Check-in here

  • Make future reservations

  • Meet our team

  • Pay your balance

  • Shop for... 

    • Art

    • Gifts

    • Games & Puzzles

    • Books

    • Gear

    • Ice

    • Firewood


Our Barn building is the hub of activity. It’s where you check in when you arrive. We keep a well stocked shelf of those too often forgotten items like bug repellent. We have some really tasty goodies in case the munchies attack. Along with tasty goodies we also invite you in to take a little time perusing our gifts books and handy works by local artists and crafts-persons , if you're wanting to unplug check out a book from our lending library or borrow a game to play with friends.


Can I buy alcohol in the store?

We will be selling beer and wine to be consumed here at ELKAMP.  

Can I open a tab?

If you booked your reservation with a credit card your credit card is already on file. Any purchase you make can be charged to that card. 

Is there a charge to borrow shared books or games?

Our shared books and games are for the enjoyment of all, we ask that you return the book and games before you depart. We will charge your account retail prices if the games and books are not returned. 

Can I have firewood delivered to my site ?

We would be happy to deliver firewood to your site, We deliver firewood at 5:00pm. However you are welcome to buy and take your firewood anytime between the hours of 11:00AM and 5:00PM.

Can I do laundry at the barn?

We do not yet have a laundry facility for our guests. There is a laundry facility 20 minutes away in Eatonville.

Can we order items from your store and have them delivered?

We are very proud of the numerous gifts and handiworks that we've curated from all over the country and we would be happy to sell and ship these items to you. We won't have our online store up and running until late 2022, so be sure to snap a photo of what you think you might want to purchase later, so that you can communicate your order clearly with us. 

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