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  • Sales Incentive Trips

  • Engagement experiences

  • Brand loyalty exploration

  • Planning Meetings

  • Training Meetings 

  • Sales & Management Meetings

  • Team Meetings


  • Brand Promotion 

  • Filming

  • Brand loyalty exploration

Authentic stories, in the right environment, create new ways of thinking. We intentionally craft, design and engage individually trans-formative experiences. Our approach to your meeting means we aim to create a different type of experience for your team. We bring together the best local production, logistic and creative minds to execute an unforgettable experience for your participants.



Can I see a map?

We've got a map posted on our booking page. If you'de like to see the locations of each site just click on the "BOOK NOW" button at the bottom of the page and you'll be able to see the location of each site, as well you can see images of each site if you click on the specific site. 

How much privacy can I expect?

We've done our best to elevate your experience by locating each camp space as far away as possible from the neighboring space. This summer we'll begin planting more native trees between each space to ensure greater privacy in the future. If you want something that feels more remote, please give us a call.   

Can We have tents in our RV space?

We do allow tents in RV sites as long as they are placed on a bark bed or the gravel. We do not allow tents on grass or moss. 

How many people can we have in our space?

The sites in our campground have been designed to accommodate 4 people. We understand if you have a large family, so we allow up to two additional guests in in our RV spaces at $5.00 per person, and we allow up to two additional guests in our tent spaces at $3.00 per person.

Do we have water in our tent space?

Our tent spaces do not have water spiggots, but there is a common/shared water spiggot conveniently located near your tent space. On the back side of the bath house there is a dish washing station - we ask that you are respectful of the guests staying near the bath house by limiting the noise while washing up and do not wash dishes after 8:00PM.  

Can we reserve multiple sites for a large group?

We love camping with friends and family, so we're more than happy to assist you in booking a large group. We have a group campsite for tent campers and when the opportunity allows we can also assign your group  to multiple tent and RV sites near each other. Visit our "GROUPS" tab at the top of the page and complete the form. We will do our best to accommodate your group, but please remember to plan ahead. 

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