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  • All campsites include a fire ring with a grill for cooking

  • Firewood is $10.00/bundle

  • Trouble starting your campfire? - Ask us we'll help

  • We've got a wash station for post-cooking clean-up


Firewood is available for sale and pick up or we can deliver it to your site after 5:00PM. 

Please note, in the event of “high fire danger”, fires may not be permitted. For information about burn-ban/fire restrictions please give us a call prior to your arrival - we will not notify you. 

To stay informed regarding the current status, please call the 24-hour automated information line at 360.740.1133. or visit

Cleaning Up: We have a dish washing station behind our bathroom building, soap and sponges may be purchased in the Barn for post cooking clean-up.


Can I get help building and lighting my campfire?

Understanding how to build a great campfire is an impressive skill that not everyone possesses, We would be happy to teach you how to build a great campfire. Just ask us for help. We believe campfires are one of the best parts of camping - don't miss out. 

How long will my fire burn?

A bundle of firewood should last about an hour and a half to two hours depending upon how your build your fire. We recommend having three bundles of firewood per night unless your campfire stories are really long then make sure your  get a fourth bundle. 

How do I extinguish a campfire?

To properly extinguish a campfire you must spread apart the remaining burning logs and embers once they are spread apart they will begin to cool, fill a bucket with water and slowly pour the water over the burning logs and embers use a stick to turn over the smoldering logs and make sure that you soak each log and the embers. Please don't pee on your campfire - remember the next camper may use the fire ring to cook their food. 

Can I move my fire ring?

Please do not move the fire ring in your camp spot. These fire-rings are located where they sit to provide you and your neighbor campers just the right distance away from each other to keep your campfire stories from interrupting your neighbors.  

Can I burn trash in my campfire?

Burning trash in your campfire is not permitted, of course if you need to use paper to get your fire started we understand, but once the fire is roaring paper embers could be carried up into the air and do tremendous damage to our forest. 

Can I bring my own firewood from home? 

Of course you can bring firewood from your home, we ask that if you are from further than two hours away you leave your firewood at home and burn ours. Sometimes critters live in firewood that may jeopardize the ecosystem of our forest, so please keep this in mind when packing firewood. Please do not bring and burn any treated wood - or construction grade wood. 

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