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Elkamp Eastcreek: It's More than a Campground It's an Experience

Camping is more than booking a site at a campground. And when you search for RV Campgrounds near me, you are searching for more than a place to hook up your RV. That is about an experience.

There is something special about camping. There is something indescribable, but unreplicable about the experience of being beneath the stars in a place like Elkamp Eastcreek. When people search for RV Campgrounds near me, they imagine a place like here, and an experience like this.

Under the morning sky, as it kisses the mountainside, your experience begins the moment you open your eyes. The smell of bacon cooking over an open fire, the comforts of luxury, and the breathtaking beauty of nature - in one. Welcome to Elkamp and welcome to RV Camping the way you have always imagined, and in ways, you have never imagined too!

Looking up at the picturesque Mt. Rainier, our campground invites guests into a Western Cascade getaway, and so much more. We are also a short drive to the only year-round entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park so there is something to find for everyone in every season.

Contact our helpful staff today to book your spot and let us tell you all about the amazing new upgrades to the camp. We felt that a place this beautiful deserved a camping experience that was worthy of such wonder. We think you will agree that we have accomplished that and maybe even more.

We are Elkamp Eastcreek and we'll keep a spot open for you!

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