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WHEN YOU WISH . . .     








Almost as soon as we began to explore what we might both be able to do together we stumbled upon the idea of buying and running a campground - it was a no brainer! We enjoy spending time together, loved being outside, loved camping and hiking, BUT was this a thing? Do people like us own campgrounds? Well Yeah... We do. 

But before we got here we spent countless hours scouring the country for the right property, east to west north to south, and as we searched we kept feeling the pull back to properties in the Pacific Northwest - In the PNW it felt wild, the forests were rich with moss and fern, the trees were tall and the clear water flowed all year long - it was no California and that's just what we wanted. As soon as we found EASTCREEK campground, I (Brian) knew that this was the place and that we were going to buy this property (that was back in 2017). It took a little more convincing for Tom, It was during 3 beautiful sunny days here in July of 2019 when on day 1 of the 3 Tom looked at me and said "lets do this".

As the new owners of this amazing place we're going to continue bringing you the best camping experience we can this side of Mt. Rainier, and being avid campers ourselves we know first-hand the benefits of communing with nature and we don't intend to jeopardize that. We do want to reach a broader audience of individuals that might not pack-up a tent to go rough-it out in the woods. So it's our goal to carefully develop this property into a place that introduces as many people to nature and its healing ways as possible. Our tagline reads "Elevating the Art of Camping" and that's exactly what we intend to do. As we grow, please be assured that it is our intention to grow the property responsibly and maintain the tranquility and peace of this place. We hope you'll join us in the journey by returning time and again. 


We're Tom and Brian the new owners and stewards of this amazing place. We've been living in California for the last 16 years & a while back we thought it might be a good idea to think of the next chapter for our lives. At the time we were both working long days building businesses for others, Tom traveled for work and we really didn't see each other all that much - We wished for more time together, so we decided to make a plan, one we called our 420 plan (no its not what you're thinking) we decided to work toward building something that would allow one of us to exit our career by April 2020 and begin building something for ourselves.


Well BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR - it might just happen.



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